Open space spotting addendum (helos)

Spotting intervals are a bit different for helos. Here’s a small addendum illustrating that:

helo good vs poor.jpg

Good helo vs poor ground: ~4200. The FOB is spotted despite being even further back presumably because it has bad stealth.

helo exc vs poor.jpg

Exceptional helo vs poor ground: 5000

helo spottings 2.jpg

vgood ground vs poor helo: ~3400

helo spottings.jpg

no bonus to being AA, vgood mistral spots just as well as paras above

exc helo vs poormedium helo.jpg

exc helo vs poor and medium helo: ~5500 (more than the 5km cap against ground!!), with ~5200 for medium stealth

exc helo vs good helo.jpg

exc helo vs good helo: ~4400

helo good vs poor lowhover.jpg

Helos hovering low have the same spotting cap as ground recon.

As you can see this is very far from a complete list of all helo optics vs all stealth levels, but I don’t think I’ll ever complete it. If I ever do more of these I’ll probably start with spotting against forests or something similarly useful, hard numbers for helos are pretty low priority once we understand the basic mechanism.


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