Open space spotting pic dump

All screenshots are taken at roughly the maximum distance the red unit can be spotted at.

poor vs poor.jpg

Poor optics vs poor stealth: ~2100

poor vs medium.jpg

Poor optics vs medium stealth: ~1400

poor vs vgood.jpg

Poor vs very good: ~850

medium vs poor.jpg

Medium vs poor: ~2800

medium vs medium.jpg

Medium vs medium: ~1900

medium vs vgood.jpg

Medium vs vgood: ~1100

good vs poor.jpg

Good vs poor: 3500

vgood vs mediumpoor.jpg

vgood vs poor and medium (brdm-3 barely visible behind zhalo): 3500

exceptional vs mediumpoor.jpg

exceptional vs poor and medium: 3500

good vs medium.jpg

good vs medium: ~2800

good vs vgood.jpg

good vs vgood: 1700

vgood vs vgood.jpg

vgood vs vgood: ~2400

exceptional vs vgood.jpg

exc vs vgood: ~3100

Note that since Israel, ground exceptional has had its spotting cap increased from 3.5km to 4.2km.


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