A useful number to remember is 14: If the AP of a HEAT weapon (like all ATGM) is 14 more than the AV of the target, it will be a oneshot. To oneshot the Chieftain we’d need 28AP.

It’s pretty obvious what an ATGM does. Slightly longer range than a tank gun, scary AP, and generally a carrier fragile enough to die in one or two shots. If autocannons and machine guns specialize in the direction of being good fire support but useless against tanks, ATGM is the opposite – a strong tank deterrent but useless against infantry.

ATGM without stealth and with poor armor is generally easy to counter – you just move up and oneshot it, being hit once at worst, often not even that. They’re useful in openers for oneshotting everything on wheels and disabling tanks, but once the frontline settles down sneaking up and killing them is manageable.

The issue is ATGM from the recon and infantry tabs. These tend to stay stealthed unless your own recon is very close, and depending on the unit they may require multiple shots to kill. Using them is straightforward – put one in a critical forest or town that is surrounded by some open space, reap free kills. But what to do when you’re on the receiving side?


The Konkurs squad is only being spotted because of how close the rangers are. Note the m1a2 slightly retreating at the end, breaking los and juking the ATGM.

Unfortunately I don’t have an easy answer. Here’s a couple options:

  • Pushing them out directly. It is hard as they kill the fire support of a push without revealing themselves, but it may be that you don’t need fire support if pushing an infantry ATGM without enough fighting infantry to support it.
  • If you need to cross land being overwatched by the ATGM, smoking it off with a mortar is the common approach, but it’s a troublesome thing to do every time you want to move.
  • The direct answer is to sneak recon infantry close enough via a nearby hedge, getting the spotting you need to kill the ATGM. Situational.
  • Manually juking the ATGMs or providing cheap targets until it runs out of missiles.
  • Artillery or MLRS can panic the squad.
  • A gamey tactic is to zoom in, see which building the missile is coming from, and use fire position on that. This kind of blind shot works best with a high-HE unit.

Considering we’re usually dealing with 30-40 point units here, all of these tactics cost more points than the ATGM being “countered”, on top of usually requiring a lot of micro and not even killing the ATGM. I wish I had an easy solution, but ATGM is a frustrating thing to deal with. Out of the listed options, I personally prefer smoking and taking the areas around the ATGM until I can put recon close enough to spot and kill the ATGM itself.

To the next guide post: AT planes


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