Basic forest fighting technique

If you want a break from reading, Razzmann has a video on this subject. The forest fighting part starts at 6:20:

So, how do we fight in deep forest?

If you’ve read anything else here then you know by now that we’ll be spamming infantry. Do we just attackmove it and hope for the best? Almost, but not quite. Generally, the technique is to engage with infantry, then bring in fire support right afterwards to apply suppression. Here’s how it looks:


The right side selects both transport and infantry and attackmoves them simultaneously. The OT-64C, being faster, runs ahead of the specialni jednotky and encounters the enemy rangers first, and is instantly destroyed by their AT weapon. Not only does this leave the red infantry without fire support, it also decreases their morale to a shaken state – their transport was destroyed right next to them!

On the other hand, the blue side microes correctly. The rangers are given a move order first. After they’ve gone a bit ahead, their V-150 transport is given a separate move order. The transport only joins the fight after the specialni have been tied up by the ranger squad, and is free to provide suppressive fire without being RPGd.

With equal micro, red should always win in this matchup. Their unit combo costs 40 against blue’s 30 points, they have special forces while left is bringing shock troops. But red handles this fight in the worst way possible, and loses badly.

Why does this infantry-first doctrine work? It’s just how the game works. Infantry can only shoot their machine gun or their AT weapon, never both. When enemy infantry is engaged, the MG starts firing; if a squishy transport shows up afterwards the RPG won’t automatically fire because the MG is in use.

You can make your infantry manually fire their RPG by selecting them and right clicking the enemy vehicle. This is the second big part of forest micro, spotting which of your squads are being shot at by transports and ordering them to engage the correct targets, ideally before they get stunlocked. Reacting instantly minimizes the amount of suppression they take. Failing to notice that your squad got tied up gets it killed.

To the next guide post: Types of infantry



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