The infantry challenge

In my last post about game basics I praised russian men with RPGs in terms that may seem extreme to some newbies. However, the ideas I was presenting are common knowledge in the wargame community – only my presentation of the facts was bombastic. That was intentional, to drive the message home, because I think the strength of infantry is a key factor in wargame that must be understood to really break into the game.

However, now it’s time to get a bit controversial. Newbie, I give you the following challenge: play a conquest game with just infantry. You don’t have to win, just give it a fair chance. Fill a deck with VDV 90, plop down 900 points of them at game start, locate some centrally placed forest and pump it full of them. Or even better, fill multiple forests. Don’t try to be fancy with speed or helodrops, just get some slow cheap transports and choose an entry point that you won’t need tanks to reach.

The idea for this came from a game I played more than a year ago. I entered a 2v2 on D-Day, and my teammate left the game as soon as we were in. I didn’t want a micro-heavy strategy because in a 2v1 you’re guaranteed to be outmicroed, and knowing that D-Day is a forest-heavy map I just plopped down two players’ worth of VDV90 with nothing else. I spread them everywhere and won quickly after.

I think that even in our aging community there are still many non-ranked players who can lose to this strategy. It’s simple for a newbie to execute, and it could be a great learning experience. If you try it, please let me know how it went.


Deck code: jXgMp3F9TuL6ncXywLClgysLCFYV5LDiag== (go to the deck list ingame and press import)

Or, if you like blue:


Deck code: YHgMmeSNM8kaZ1IzkelnINLLWsMSgGKlhw==


Oh, and a warning. There’s only one way to get decisively stomped when doing this, and that’s if you get bombed or hit by a burratino. A bombing run is a net loss for the enemy if he just gets one or two squads, because bombers are expensive and bombing runs are risky if a teammate is helping you with AA. So don’t feel bad if you get bombed and lose some infantry, but make sure you can only lose a one or two squads per run. For an example on everyone’s favourite 10v10 map, try to get your army to look more like this:


Nice and spread out, now we just carefully move up and Anna is ours.

And not like this:


A feast for the bomber.


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