Identifying enemy units

This trick has been patched out with the reds dlc

Did you know that you can identify spotted but unrecognized units using a bug with the info panel? Normally when you first spot a unit its name and type are shown as “—-“, and your recon squad needs additional time or proximity until it can actually tell you what the unit is. If you have the unit view open and select the unit you can see its outline, but for those of us who cannot recognize a squad of VDV from a t-80, there’s a better way. Select your own unit, open the information pane (hotkey “I”), then select the unidentified unit. The information pane should now be showing you the name and stats of the enemy you selected, even if it is actually supposed to be unidentified.

Here’s a video I found that demonstrates this, along with other tricks that I plan on covering in the distant future (relevant part starts at 0:30, or use this link):

Don’t hesitate to use this, although it is a bug it is well known among competitive players and it actually takes a fair bit of micro to reveal a unit in this way.

And yeah, I know tricks posts are low-effort fodder, I have something more substantial planned for later this month.


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